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About Company

We distinguish ourselves by providing diverse and comprehensive packages of reliable legal services and consultations for our clients both within and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Through optimal utilization of accumulated expertise and proficiency in the legal field, we employ a select group of top lawyers, advisors, and legal experts across various legal domains.



Our Vision

We aspire to be the first com- pany in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East to provide the hi- ghest quality legal services, ear- ning the trust of our clients and focusing on their satisfaction by delivering exceptional legal ser- vices and comprehensive legal consultations that meet the hi- ghest standards of quality.

Our Mission

is to serve as trusted and distingui- shed partners for all entities, compa- nies, and family wealth, and as ex- perts and advisors for businessmen and businesswomen through conti- nuous, fast, and direct legal support. We are committed to serving our clients, assisting them through suita- ble means and methods, and taking legal actions to protect their inte- rests, guided by our values and strong ethical standards.

Our Objectives

include genuine care for our clients, understanding their goals, and meeting all their legal needs.
We strive to provide hi- gh-quality legal services promptly while maintai- ning the highest stan- dards of legal integrity.

Why Us?

Legal expertise upheld to the highest standards

Managing legal projects electronically

Automated reports on time

Legal Services


This department is headed by Dr. Falah bin Musa Al-Zahrani, an expert in commercial arbitration and a member of the British Royal Institute of Arbitrators. Specializing in commercial and real estate arbitration, he is an accredited arbitrator with the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration, the Qatar International Center for Conciliation and Arbitration, and a practicing arbitrator with the Arbitration Center for Gulf Cooperation Council. Additionally, he is an accredited arbitrator with the Courts of Appeal in Dammam, Riyadh, Makkah, Madinah, Abha, Al-Qassim, and a certified mediator and reconciler with Najiz Center for Judicial Services. We work continuously with our team to develop alternative and innovative methods to resolve disputes, in addition to representing parties in legal negotiations.

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Contracts and Agreements

We have a team of specialists proficient in drafting and formulating various types of contracts, including partnership agreements, employment contracts, and service contracts, as well as commercial, real estate, and industrial contracts. We also handle agency agreements, import contracts, franchise rights, intellectual property agreements, trademarks, and more. Our expertise includes studying agreements and contract drafts and providing recommendations on their form and content to protect clients from legal loopholes.

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Litigation and Advocacy

Representing clients (banks, companies, institutions, individuals) in all legal proceedings for various types of cases (commercial, administrative, criminal, financial, etc.) before courts, judicial authorities, and in front of judicial and quasi-judicial committees, of various types and judicial levels. This includes preparing pleadings, responses, objections, seeking reconsideration, filing appeals, handling inheritance divisions, and bankruptcy petitions.

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Intellectual Property

Providing legal services related to the protection of intellectual property rights. This includes drafting contracts and agreements related to intellectual property, registering them with the relevant authorities, and litigating matters concerning these rights. This is done by the provisions of the Trademarks Protection System, Copyright Protection System, and other relevant regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Business and Corporate Sector

Providing all legal services and consultations related to the establishment and registration of companies, commercial agencies, and trademarks. Additionally, offering corporate restructuring services, including entity formation, dissolution, merger, and .acquisition processes

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Debt Collection

We offer debt collection services for various client categories, including banks, companies, and individuals. We handle the collection of all types of debts related to stocks, securities, commercial transactions, and loans. This service is aimed at saving the client time and effort efficiently by taking legal actions and implementing appropriate solutions, leveraging our high legal capabilities and expertise.

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Franchise Services

We provide franchise services to our clients, including trademark registration, drafting franchise agreements, and offering legal representation before relevant courts. Additionally, we offer systematic solutions concerning contractual relationships in the field of franchising.

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Legal Consultations

Providing comprehensive legal and Sharia consultations while ensuring full compliance with local laws, regulations, and international agreements.

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Foreign Investment

Providing all services related to foreign investment, includ-ing the following:

Issuance and renewal of investment
licenses, including but not limited to:

  • Service, Industrial, and Real Estate Licenses.
    Licensing scientific and technical offices for foreign companies that have a Saudi agent or an authorized distributor in Saudi Arabia.
  • Professional and commercial licenses with a Saudi partner, and %100 foreign commercial license.
  • Issuance of temporary certificates for participating in government project tenders.
  • Licensing for beneficiaries of the corrective campaign for the National Program to Combat Commercial Concealment.

Modification of investment licenses,
including, for example:

  • Modification of ownership of shares, entry or exit of other partners, or company mergers.
  • Modification of ownership through the substitution of heirs.
  • Opening or closing branches or marketing centers for licensed establishments.
  • Modification, addition, or deletion of activities or products for service or industrial projects.
  • Modification of the legal entity of the licensed establishment, amendment of the trade name of the
  • company or one of the partners, and reduction or increase of the capital.
  • Arbitration expert and arbitrator registered with the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration.
  • A practicing arbitrator and accredited by a number of local and international arbitration centers.
  • Member of the British Royal Society of Arbitrators.
  • Certified mediator from the University of Strathclyde – Glasgow – Scotland.
  • A registered and certified reformer with the Najez Center for Justice Services.

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